Donor Roll

We are grateful to our donors and supporters for helping us end poverty and homelessness for so many households in our community this past fiscal year. Our donor roll recognizes all your gifts, including  Capital Campaign Supporters 🏠, “Legacy Circle” planned giving donors ,  first-time donors ①, and those who have been with us for 10+ years . We are so grateful for your support! 

Visionaries | $100k +

John Muir Health    

Justice, Justice Foundation  ⑩  🏠

San Francisco Foundation    

Sutter Health/Sutter Delta ①   

Tipping Point Community ①   

Hope Builders | $50k+

Dean and Margaret Lesher Foundation    

Carrie and Jorge Figueredo    🏠

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Inc.    

Lafayette Orinda Presbyterian Church  ⑩  🏠

Jeffrey Schwartz ①   🏠

Sunlight Giving     

Walter S. Johnson Foundation    

Wells Fargo Foundation    

Leaders | $25k +

Stephanie and Doug Bontemps  ⑩ 🏠

Carol Gilliland / A Loveable Feast  ⑩

John Burton Advocates for Youth (JBAY) ①   🏠

Kyra Kennedy and Pat McGrath  ⑩  🏠

Sally and Donald O’Neal    🏠

Les and Sue Polgar    🏠

Warren and Katherine Schlinger Foundation  ⑩  

Sustainers | $10k+

Julie and Paul Candau  ⑩

Community Foundation of Lafayette 

Rae and Jonathan Corr    

CSAA Insurance Group ①   

Kara and Brian Douglas    🏠

Amy Faltz    

First Republic Bank    

Betty and Frank Gilliland  ⑩ 🏠

Nicola and Jim Hemerling    

Chris and Heidi Johnson ①   

Elizabeth and Norayr Kalpakjian    

Aliza and Peter Metzner    🏠

Cheryl O’Connor and Bob Weiss    🏠

Philanthropic Ventures Foundation ①   

Ellen and Steve Seiler    🏠

Les Simmonds    🏠

St. Bonaventure Catholic Community    

Donna and John Warnken-Brill    

Justine and Mitch Weinberg ①   

Investors | $5k+

Mindy and Bill Bush ①   

Beth and Alex Chang    

Cherida Collins Smith  ⑩  

Elaine and Craig Davis    

Denise Dodson & Fernando Austin     🏠

Episcopal Church of the Resurrection    

Phillip Felde ①   

Amy Hiestand and Michael Casendino    

Julie and Steve Lassig ①   

Lescure Foundation    

Stephanie and Larry Long ①   

Claire and James Marchiano  ⑩  

Carolyn Ockels and Stephen King    

Barb Pelletreau and Ernie Furtado    

Eric Sherlock and Matt Wintheiser    🏠

Champions | $2.5K+

Elaina and Richard Budge    

Paul and Ann Cane ①   

Charles H and Leslie G Murray Fund    

Karen Christensen and Vince Chow ①   

Clarke Fund    

Kitty Cole ①   

Ena and Mark Cratsenburg    

Jack and Lorrie Cuthbert ①   

Episcopal Impact Fund    

Bette and James Felton    🏠

Linda Fodrini-Johnson    

Caroline and Paul Giers    

Sandy and Robert Goldberg    

Grace Presbyterian Church  ⑩  

Marianne and Jeff Howie ①   

Catherine and Ron Kvikstad    

Lucy and Jim Lampassi    

Patrick McKenna and Marlene Matsuoka    

Mary Meagher King and John King    🏠

Carol and Howard Melamed ①   

Linda and Roy Neyer ①   

Nicole and Matthew Patterson ①   

Eric and Patti Poppe ①   

Susan and Jeffrey Rideout    

Dawn and Tom Schaeffer ①   

Maudie and Charles Silverman    

Maria and Allan Smith ①   

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church  ⑩  

St. Perpetua Catholic Church  ⑩  

St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church  ⑩  

Virginia and Thomas Steuber    

Margaret and John Stienstra    

Temple Isaiah  ⑩  

Ashley Thomsen    

Mary and Charles Veurink    

Mentors | $1,000+

Tom Adams    🏠

Sandra and David Anderson    

Alice Anthony and Alex Iantuono    🏠

Joan and Raymond Arscott    

Michael Baker ①  

Stephanie and Damon Becker    

Gloria Bertolozzi and Jeff Morrow    🏠

Barbara and Clark Bisel    

Louise Bourassa and Peter Linfoot    🏠

Heidi and Steve Bridgeman ①   🏠

Dee Brook    🏠

Darlene and Lito Cailimlim    

Natasha and David Calomese    

Laurie and Louis Chatoff    

Angie and Stephen Cherepy    

Whitney Christopoulos    

Sandra Clarke    

Congregation B’nai Shalom    

Laura and Philip Crosby    

Jane and Robert Ellerbeck    

F&M Bank ①  

Patricia Fela   

Merula Franzgrote and Gregory Marshall ①  

Janet and William Fraser   

Chitra and Manohar Furtado   

Sue Gibbons and Jim Hermon   

Jacob Gimbel ①  

Diana and Kent Godfrey    

Soraya and Ramin Golesorkhi    

Nicki Greninger ①  

Lauren Gully and Eric Zellhart    

Peter Hartdegen  ⑩ 

Sheila Massoni Hirsch and Morris Hirsch    🏠

Joyce and John Klassen  ⑩  🏠

Lafayette Christian Church    

Doug and Sandra Leich  ⑩ 

Julia and Geoff Leonard    

Michael and Helen Lippitt ①   🏠

Joan Liston    

David Maltby    

Betty and Ray Marchetti    

Marsh & McLennan Companies ①  

Pamela and Dave Messing ①  

Kim and Dave Michaud    🏠

Muirwood Private Wealth ①  

Grace and Carlos Munoz ①  

Lois Nelson    

Tari and Bill Nicholson    

Marjorie and Royce Nicolaisen ①  

Maura Nicolini and Bob Sverak    

Aaron Nissim & Margot Stanford ①  

Thomas O’Brien    

Orinda Community Church  ⑩ 

Bobbie and Thomas Preston    

Kayce and Montana Rane    

Sue and Paul Renno    

Lisa Robinson    

Liz and Michael Rusk    

Theresa and Duane Rustad    

San Ramon Valley United Methodist Church    

Taryn Lee Sandulyak    

Michelle Saunders and Keith Judkins    

Kim Scott ①  

Mark Scott    

Katrina and Rick Silvani    

Beryl and Ivor Silver  ⑩ 

Patricia Slechta and Ming Ho    

Judy and Lee Slimm    

Karen and Peter Smyth    

Chris and Tom Sonnemann    🏠

Janice and Ray Stephens    

Hal Steuber    

Susan Talon-mazer ①  

Domini and John Tarman    

Janis Thayer ①  

Deanna Tom    

Donna and Randy Trana    

Marcie and Mark Tuttle ①  

Frances and Bill Vaculin    

Kathy Vail and Bob Boster    

Venture Leadership Collaborative

Christa Vindum ①   🏠

Anne Webster

Betsy and Marshall Wells

Nancy Williams ①   🏠

Jennifer Winn and Joe Henwood    

Believers | $500+

Robert Allan    

Barbara and David Barkley    🏠

Marie and Ed Bonilla    

Pepe Bowman  ⑩  

Catholic Charities of the East Bay    

Concord United Methodist Church  ⑩  

Christie Wells Cooper    

Sandy & Tim Cremin ①   

Jen and Steve Crocker    

Pam and Joe Cunningham    🏠

Ellen and Greg Davis    

Richard Davis    

Leslie and Sydney Dent    

James Dolge    

Jane and Roger Emanuel    

Teresa and Glen Enns    

First Church of Christ, Scientist, Pleasant Hill    

First Presbyterian Church of Concord  ⑩  

Judy and Ross Fisher    

Nancy Gilbert and Bruce Kaufman    

Patricia and Seann Goldstein    

Marjorie and Stuart Goldware    

Tracy and Steve Gordon   ❤

Roberto and Evelyn Graetz  ⑩  

Melinda and Matthew Guelfi    

Alexandra and Charlie Hasselbrink    

Leander and Kress Hauri    

Carol Hiestand    

David and Ann Hirsch    

Deanna and Ken Hobson    

Roy Howett ①   🏠

David and Lori Hsieh ①   

Anne and Paul Kuelz    

Kathy and Richard Marshall    

Peter Meyer ①   

Anita Michel ①   

Linda Mino Hall and Tom Hall    

Linda and Nicholas Minorsky    

Karrie Mosca ①   

Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church (MDUUC)   

Iman & Alaleh Novin ①   

Novin Development Corp. ①   

Maureen and Mark Nuti    

Our Savior’s Lutheran Church  ⑩  

Cheryl and Mark Patterson    

Frances Paxson    

Debbie Pearn    

Ann and Donald Porcella    

Patricia and James Pray    

Ester Kestenbaum and Larry Prozan ①   

Ginny and Mike Ross ①   

Arthur Woo and Emmelie Sabatte    

Gary Satterfield    

Laura Sawczuk ①   

Jane and Patrick Settle    

Janet and Dick Sheehy    

Nancy and Wayne Snyder    🏠

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church    

St. Perpetua School  ①   

Monica Stein ①   

Jasmine and Robert Tarkoff    

Denise Terry    

Marlene Thier ①   

Kathleen and Richard Thompson    

Margaret Thornton    

Patricia Turkovich West and Phillip West    

Steve Viarengo ①   

Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church  ⑩  

Deborah White and Gary Spenik    

Liz Williams ①   

Inge and Bill Yarborough    

Allies| $250+

Marie Adler ①   

Ronald Ahnen and Angela Canestraro ①   

Evelyn and Christian Anzelde ①   

Rayna and Saul Arnold ①   

Jacqueline and James Bardsley    

Julie and Stephen Bell    

Mary Lou Blumer    

Carol and William Chiasson    

Christ the Lord Episcopal Church ①   

Terry Clark ①   

William Collins ①   

Stacy Crinks ①   

Anne and Marty Cryan    

Lawrence Danjou ①   

Rebekah Davis and Rob Forrest ①   

Nancy and Gary DeWeese  ⑩  

Christy and Stacy Dickt    

Jill and Gilles Eberhard    

Mary Egan ①   

Cindy and Henk Evenhuis ①   

Christa and Joe Fairfield    

Mary Fenelon   ❤

John Fitzgerald ①   

Anne and Brendan Foley    

Amy Furber Dobson and James Dobson ①   🏠

John Gallagher ①   

Carol Gerich    🏠

Crisand Giles ①   

Tanya and Mario Goins    

Cheryl and Gary Gratz ①   

Yolima and John Summer Guerrant ①   

Judy Halden    🏠

Mary and John Hanlon    

Mary and Richard Holden    

Marty Hollander ①   

Janis and Chris Hoyt    

Maureen and Mike Isola    

Steven Johnson ①   🏠

Nan and Richard Karns    🏠

Staci Kramer ①   

Frank Krisnowich    

Barbara Kusha    🏠

Susan Lanferman ①   

Kelley Lazzareschi ①   

Deb and Dave Levine ①   

Lillian Lew-Hailer ①   

Martha and Gianni Manzone ①   

Mercy Housing California    

Kitty and Keven Metcalfe ①   

Katherine and Frederick Morehouse ①   

Carol Motte ①   

Peter Nixon    

Joann and Mike Oliver    

Lori Orr ①   

Sherry Pearn    

Paula Petti and Lawrence Hall    

Jason and Sue Pfister    

Fred Ponce ①   

Jacky and Peter Poulsen ①   🏠

Laura and Jeff Rehfeld    

Diane and Fred Reichelt ①   

Mark Reiss    

Pat and Elena Reyes    

William Riley ①   

Robert and Lili Rivers ①   

Claire and Mark Roberts    

Lena Robinson    

Stuart Rowley    

Lucy and Tim Sammons    

Rabbi Judy Shanks and James Gracer    

Lorraine Sumulong    

Lori and George Swift    

Mary Terjeson    

Regina Valladares and Guy Joslin ①   

Kim and Ted Van Hoesen ①   🏠

Sheila Williamson    

Debbie Wilson    

Enthusiasts >$250

Donald W and Joyce O Martin Trust ①   

Joy and Gary Addiego ①   

Amazon Smile Foundation    

Ameriprise Financial, Inc.    

Julie and Carl Anderson    

Catherine Antle ①   

Millicent Atkin ①   🏠

Todd and Miguel Atkins-Whitley    🏠

Kristine Avaloz ①   

Rebecca Avila ①   

Susan Azzarita ①   

Sarah Baca ①   🏠

Barbara and Melvin Bacher    

Carol Bassett ①   🏠

Laura and Ben Beaver ①   🏠

Lucy and Joseph Beck ①   

Colleen Bender    

Judy and Martin Berg    

Natalina and Dario Bernardi    

Sandy and Gaston Bernstein ①   

Aurora Betancourt ①   

Sandy Biagi ①   

Lisa Bias ①   

Vincent Billante ①   

Thomas Bolger ①   

Meghan Bolger ①   

Christine Bolger ①   

Jeff Bond ①   

Sara Bossatti ①   

Carol and Jerry Boster ①   

Mike and Sharron Braden ①   

Agnello Braganza ①   

David Brandon ①   

Alice Breakstone    

Joan and Conrad Breece    

Eileen Brennan ①   

Carmen Brennan ①   

Helen and Gary Brenzel ①   

Laurel Browman ①   

Bill Brown    

Wendy and Scott Buckley    

Barbara Buehler ①   

Debbie and Stephen Burrows    

Anne Cahn    

Shellie Campos ①   

Sue & Darrell Cannon ①   

Carleen Carns ①   

Sue and Don Carpenter ①   

Sylvia Carr and Donald Rubenstein ①   

Helen Casendino ①   

Beltran CG ①   

Lilye Chaffin ①   

Pamela Chan ①   

Marianne Childs ①   

Jane and Gary Chin    

Dave and Lucretia Clark ①   

Marianne Clark ①   🏠

Elizabeth Clemens ①   

Linda and James Clever ①   🏠

Ashley and Ken Coates    

Rhonda Coleman and Patrice Malik ①   

Damaris Colhoun ①   

Cameron Collins ①   

Concord United Methodist Church Women    

Congregation B’nai Tikvah    

Monica and Anthony Contarciego    

Courtney Coon ①   

Joyce Crawford    

Tacy Cude ①   

Jacqueline and Randall Curtis    

Deborah Daily ①   🏠

Crystal D’Amato ①   

Danville Congregational Church  ⑩  

Ramona Davis    

Laurie Davis    

Joy Davis ①   

Natalyn De La Rosa ①   

Barbara DeBarger ①   🏠

Joyce Dobbel ①   

Pamela and John Docherty ①   

Ellen and Robert Docili    

Alina Dominguez ①   

Nancy Dowell    🏠

Caroline Dowling    

Mary Drennan    

Joan and Don Drennan    

Lynda and Douglas Dunn    

Maile Dunn ①   

Cindy and David Durant    

Jaime D’Urso ①   

Theodore Durst ①   

Jean and David Dyess    

Rick Eaton ①   

Diana and Gary Egkan ①   

Viola Egli    

Jill Einstein ①   🏠

Eden Eisenbarth ①   

Jamie Elmasu    

Jane Enloe ①   

Timothy and Victoria Ernst    

Debora Espino ①   

Roger Espiritu ①   

Jeffrey Eyet ①   

Ljeane Fairbourn ①   

Farm Fresh to You    

Richard Farrell ①   

Patricia Farris    

Linda and Gerald Feeney ①   

Hiwire Costumes ①   🏠

Bonnie and Andrew Field    

Leslie Firth    

Andrew Fisher ①   

Helen Christine Fontana ①   

Dan Forbess ①   

Carol Frane ①   

Debra Frank and Edrward Hanley    

Greta Frantz    

Sherrie K. Fraser    

Janet and Harold Freiman    

Barbara and Bob Frick ①   

Roger and Keith Fry    

Julie Fulford ①   

Maria Galicia ①   

Megan Gallagher ①   

Ronda Garcia ①   

Katie Garrett ①   

Marcella Gates ①   

Charlie Gaulke ①   

Maria Elena Gavilanes ①   

Judy Gestring ①   🏠

Jennifer Ghelfi-De Smedt ①   

Dorothy and Charles Glass    

Debbie Goldberg    

Jan Gordon    

Alyson Gore ①   

Karen and William Gourdin  ⑩  

Grace Episcopal Church of Martinez    

Diane and Carl Grant    

Julie Grisham and Ken Winters    

Kathy Groover    

Rosa Grundig ①   

Lisa Guadagna ①   

Nancy and Javier Guevara ①   

Shirlee Guggiana ①   

Timothy Hadlock ①   🏠

Catherine and John Hager    

Kimberly Hale and David Peter ①   

Elizabeth Hale ①   

Marlene Hall    

Nancy and David Halseth    🏠

Carol and Vern Hance    

Cheryl and Robert Handel ①   

Suzette Handy    

Lindsay Hanover ①   

Nicole Alex Hardy ①   

Marcia Harmon ①   🏠

Bev and Steve Harms ①   

Steven Haro ①   

Colin Harter ①   

Laura Harter ①   

Monica Hartvickson ①   

Michelle Hasan ①   

Stanley K Hasegawa ①   

Shirley Hausser    

Mary Hawkins ①   

Noel Hayward ①   

Kathleen Hayzlett ①

Virgina and Michael Hazlewood    

Susan Hedgpeth    

Sylvia Hegarty    

Brandon and Maddie Heller ①   

Ashley Hemkin ①   

Ronald Henry    

Katie Henry ①   

Sabrina Hildebrand ①   

Pierre and Lisa Hirsch    

Kathie and Bruce Hixon    🏠

Marjorie and Ben Ho    

Virginia Hodgson    

Deborah and Norman Hoffman    

Shirley Holland ①   

Sonja Hongisto ①   

Virginia Hooper    

Hillary and David Hoppock    

Cheryl Hornberger ① Ken and Eileen Housefeld ①

Dorothy and Robert Howell    🏠

Constantine Hrousis ①   🏠

Carrie Hrousis    🏠

Nora and Stephen Hudson    

John Hunt ①   

Gwen Ickes ①   

Marcelle Indelciato ①

Cheryl Isley    

Francis J. Krisnowich ①   

Wilson Jackson    

Harold Jagoda ①   🏠

Irene and Henry Jai    

Rhonda James ①   

Janis and Randy Jang    🏠

Winifred Jasper ①   

Kristin and Everett Johnson    

Mari Johnson ①   

Carol Jones    

Elizabeth and Gundy Jones ①   

Stephanie Jung ①   

Michael Kersten ①   

Mariann Kessler 

Alex Khalfin ①

Keiran King ①   

Stu and Debbie Kirsch ①   

Kathryn Kling    

Susan and Darrell Klingman    

Adrian Knotter ①   

Lauren Koch ①   

Patricia Kramer    

Christine Krawczewicz ①   

Amy and Stephen Krochmal    

Suzanne Kroger ①   

Anne Kubas ①   

Morgan Kubas ①   

Jane Kuka ①   

Shelli and Hal Kushins    

Laura Lamison ①   

Susan and Bill LaPat ①   

Brenda LaPlante ①   

John Lee ①   

David Lee    

Mary Lee ①   

Richard Lee    

Margaret Kelly Lemon ①   

Elizabeth Lewis ①   

Eileen Limberg    

Dolores and John Loague    

Heather Logan    

Beverly Loos ①   

Ruth Lumley ①   

Teri Lundvall ①   

Mark MacMahon    

Tricia Mangabat ①   

Margaret and Richard Mangini    

Kristin D. Manning Trtee ①   

Margaret Manrique ①   

Anna Maria Thomma ①   

Sara Marsh    

Evelyn and Donald Marvin    

Lauren Mason ①   

Carol Massier ①   

Carol Mathews ①   

Cynthia Mathis    

Neal Matsunaga ①   

Linda and Francis May ①   

Florence and Malcom McAuley    🏠

Mary Kay McClure ①   🏠

Jennifer McCollum ①   

Bennie L McCrary ①   

Arlene McCulloch and James Angel    

Vicki McGrath ①   🏠

Daniel Mead ①   

Gail Mead ①   

Elizabeth and Donald Medwedeff    

Trudy Meigs and Richard Celano ①   

Lindsey Meinbress ①   

Cynthia Menaker ①   

Cameron Michael ①   

Margaret Miller    

Sara and Dan Miller ①   

Connie Miller ①   

Nancy Mino    

Sharyn Mitzo and Patricia Pearson    

Laurie Moellering ①   

Patricia Moosbrugger ①   🏠

Brendan Moran ①   

Cheryl Moran ①   

Daniel Morley ①   🏠

Teresa Muniz ①   

Cathy Munneke    

Kurt Munzinger ①   

Laura Nackord ①   

Christine Nadeau    

Jason Nakashima ①   

Joe Naylor ①   

Eartha Newsong ①   

Regina Ney ①   

Robert nNguyen ①   


Lee Nicolaisen and Dave Bonelli    

Nicole Noga and Dan Northway    🏠

Patricia Nolan ①   

Katherine Norman ①   

Gary S. Nye and C Ann O’Connell-Nye ①   

Barbara Odell    

Standish and Anne O’Grady ①   

Carol Olmert    

Julia Olson ①   

Marita O’Reilly ①   

Jasper Palacios    

Susan and Jeffrey Passeggi ①   

Mary Passeri ①   

Deanne Pearn and Greg Dolge    

Janet and Norman Pease ①   

Virginia and Michael Peiser    

Carmelita Perez ①   

Suzanne Pestal ①   

Joanne Peterson and Dan Neumann ①   

Ruth and Charles Pettler    


James Pinto ①   

Joyce Pollack    

Maureen and James Pope    

Diane Post ①   

Sarah Potts    

Christina Procopiou ①   

Margaret Provost ①   

Angelo Puglisi ①   

Elias Razzouk ①   

Edna and Jim Reiter    

Nancy Rembold    

Donna Reyerson-Keith ①   

Eric Richert ①   

Vicki and Mike Riherd    

Alene Riley ①   🏠

Daniel Rivera ①   

Maura Rivera ①   

Kerry Roach ①   

Robert Half Corporate    

Margaret Rodd ①   

Kimberly Ronan ①   

Dariana Ross ①   

Kelly Rothenberg ①   

Karen Ruff    

Rosalinda and Earl Rupp    

Donna and Joe Saba    

Sally Salay ①   

Jeane and Roger Samuelsen    

Karen Sanford    

Ilene and Andrew Scharlach    

Kirsten Scharnell ①   

Andrew Schneit ①   

Judy Schreib ①   🏠

Tim Seiler ①   🏠

Yolanda Selwitz ①   

Susan Shapiro ①   

Millie and Terry Sherman ①   

Marla and Jim Simon    

Marilyn Simonsen ①   

Jim Sippel    

Kathleen Skow ①   

Kelly Skow ①   

Kimberly Smigielski ①   

Paige Snyder ①   

Chi Hong So ①   

Kim Sopher ①   

Diane and Richard Stein    🏠

Ezra Steinberg ①   

Julia Stenzel ①   

Hillary Stevens ①   

Shii Stickler ①   🏠

Charles Strottman ①   

Mary Strzalka ①   

Suzanne T Stuart, TTE Survivor Trust ①   

Sturtevant Enterprises    

Laurie and Andrew Sujan ①   

Ann Sussman    

Barbara Takahashi ①   

Joseph and Pat Tancredy ①   

Teresa & Gary Taniguchi ①   

Allison Tarrab ①   

Judith and David Tedesco    

Warren TenBrook    

Bridget Teranen    

Barbara and Henry Thatcher    

Ann and Norman Thelwell    

Lorraine and Bill Thomas    

Nancy and John Thursby    

Sharon and Willard Tissue ①   

Elizabeth Toben ①   

Rebekah and Brad Triebsch ①   

Holly and Ronald Tsung ①   

Jovita Umali ①   

Celia Valencia ①   

Allyson Vesce ①   

Carrie and Dean Veurink    

Joyanne Elkinton Walker and Carl Walker    

Frances and Stephen Wallace    

Andrea Ward Keathley ①   

Bryan Weber ①   🏠

Pat Welsh ①   

Joan and John West    

Diana Westerberg ①   

Phyllis Weston    

Kathleen Wiegand ①   

Kathryn and Charles Wills    

Jill Wiseman ①   

MarthaAnn and Sanford Wishnev ①   

Sarah Wissinger ①   

Rhea and Brad Wolst ①   

Donny Woo ①   🏠

Tony Woodall and Summer Pathare    

Carol Yuke    

Scott Zetterquist ①   🏠

Dan and Madeline Zywicki    


In-Kind Donors

Lisa Aaron

Ace Dance Academy

Jessalyn Adams

Sue Adler-Bressler and Dave Bressler

Mindy and Ratzi Aiello

Robert Allan

Julie and Carl Anderson

Sandibel Arnold

Lisa Aytes

Sarah Baca

Marian Bachofer

Rajesh Bansal

Margaret Batesole

Maxine Bayley

Ellen Beans

Judith Beckemeyer

Julie and Stephen Bell

Barbara and Jeffrey Bennett

Rebecca Bergmann

Gloria Bertolozzi and Jeff Morrow

Monte Bingley

Blackhawk Living Magazine Best Version Media

Susan and Roger Blumer

Kathy Vail and Bob Boster

Shannon Bowers

Casey Bowles

Boy Scout Troop 282

Boy Scout Troop 302

Boys Team Charity – Diablo League

Thomas Branagh

Alice Breakstone

Margaret and David Brown

Brittany Buchel

Wendy and Scott Buckley

Debbie and Stephen Burrows

Jo Butler

Denise Cameron

Carol Campbell

Jillian Campbell

Nancy Carlson

Cecelia R. Clay

Trudy Meigs and Richard Celano

Kristin Chambers

Angie and Stephen Cherepy

Stephen Cherepy

Church of Santa Maria

Christina Churchill

Sandra Clarke

Clayton Valley Presbyterian Church

Ashley and Ken Coates

Troy Coggiola

Jessicah Colley

Beth and Bill Coyle

Danville Congregational Church

Sian and Trevor Davies

Denise Davis

Jana Deianni

Debbie Deitch

Ronda DeMay

Christy and Stacy Dickt

Heather Dillon

Faye and Dennis Donaghu

Kara and Brian Douglas

Nancy Dowell

Jake Drew

Maile Dunn

Robert and Vail Dutto

Jody and Olaf Elze

Maya Enista

Teresa and Glen Enns

Episcopal Church of the Resurrection

Amy Faltz

Nick Farrah

Ron Finch

First Christian Church of Concord

First Presbyterian Church of Concord

Leslie Firth

Judy and Ross Fisher

Dayna and Ted Floyd

Greta Frantz

Christine Freitag

Stefanie Frese

Barbara and Bob Frick

Katie Garrett

Bernice Garrison

Caroline Gates

Janet Gay

Julie Gibson

Wendy and Adam Gilberd

Carol Gilliland / A Loveable Feast

Kimberley Gilmore

Jennifer Girard

Girl Scout Troop 32770

Debbie Goldberg

Karen Goldberg

Marjorie and Stuart Goldware

Jan Gordon

Tracy and Steve Gordon

Grace Episcopal Church of Martinez

Grand Chalet

Karen and Dennis Gremer

Kathy Groover

Melinda and Matthew Guelfi

Yolima and John Summer Guerrant

Shirley and Bill Guthreau

Philip Hadsell

Catherine and John Hager

Sheryl Rowold and Jeff Hanson

Peter Hartdegen

Michelle Hasan

Headlands Brewing Company

Heller Jewelers

Nicola and Jim Hemerling

Lupita Hernandez

Victoria Hernandez

Roberta Hespen

Cole Hickey

Alison and Peter Hill

Kathie and Bruce Hixon

Shayna and Derek van Hoften

Michelle Holcenberg

Jeanne Hollander

Holy Spirit Church

Virginia Hooper

Hillary and David Hoppock

Luana Horstkotte

Marianne and Jeff Howie

Min Hsia

Elizabeth Huang

Roni Item

Isaac Jai

Theresa and Robert Jinkins

John Muir Health

Linda Fodrini-Johnson

Bill Jones

Elizabeth and Norayr Kalpakjian

Nan and Richard Karns

Elaine and Alan Kaufman

Kyra Kennedy and Pat McGrath

Kerry Just Mcguire

Jane King

Doug Kirkpatrick

Kiwanis Club of Moraga Valley

Kathryn Kling

Morgan Kubas

Anne and Paul Kuelz

Jane Kuka

Kathy and Ed Kunnes

Kelly Kunzman

Barbara Kusha

Lafayette Christian Church

Lafayette Orinda Presbyterian Church

Lamorinda Sunrise Rotary

Susan and Bill LaPat

Marcela Lattanzi

Miriam Lattanzi

Laura Wine Paster

Susan Lawson

Elizabeth Lee

Mary Lee

Karen Rolfes and Glenn Lehrman

Linda Albertoni Engman

Joan Liston

Patty Liu

Randi and Herb Long

Beverly Loos

Jeannine Lyons

Magic Soccer Club

Stephanie Mahon

Diana MaKieve

Marsha van Broek

Lauren Mason

Carol Massier

Neal Matsunaga

Susan Mautner

John McCormick

McGrail Vineyards and Winery

Ellie McQuade

Gail Mead

Kathleen Merchant

Kim and Dave Michaud

Veronica Mieszkowski

Anita Mills

Linda Mino Hall and Tom Hall

Miramonte Interact

Emily Bach and Thomas Moglia

Emily Molina

Mona Alawdeen Parker

Sue and Scott Sumner-Moore

Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church (MDUUC)

Kirsten Mundy

Hillary Murphy

Susan Muse

My Philanthropy Team

NCL Acalanes Chapter

NCL Lamorinda Chapter

Nancy Newcomb

Yvette Nichols

Jillian Niederstadt

Niles Canyon Railway

Katherine Norman

Karen Norris

Susan and Steve Ohanian

Sally and Donald O’Neal

April Ordiway


Orinda Community Church

Orrin St. Smith

Melanie Osicki

Our Savior’s Lutheran Church

Page Mill Winery

Palmer School Girl Scouts

Paul Van Noord

Sherry Pearn

Peet’s Coffee & Tea

Judith Perkins

Karen Perkins

Gail Peterson

Nancy Peterson

Nancy Pinio

Les and Sue Polgar

Cristina and Kevin Polk

Sarah Potts

Pride Mountain Vineyard

Debbie and Doug Purcell

Purple Orchid Wine Country Inn & Spa

Rahman Hayes Films and Photos

Dede Ramsey

Alisal Ranch

Kayce and Montana Rane

Susan and Mark Reckers

Sara Regan

Laura and Jeff Rehfeld

Republic Services

Janet Riley

Grete and Gordon Ringenberg

Rod Rios

Rios-Lovell Estate Winery

Claire and Mark Roberts

Erin Roeder

Rotary Club of Concord

Rotary Club of Lafayette

Theresa and Duane Rustad

Josephine Sabolboro

Jennifer Sabroe

Elaine Samson

Jeane and Roger Samuelsen

San Ramon Valley United Methodist Church

Karen Sanford

Katie Santos

Kathy Scalise

Dawn and Tom Schaeffer

Ilene and Andrew Scharlach

Beverly Schmidt

Joanne and Paul Schweibinz

Mark Scott

Karen and Steve Seto

Devlyn Sewell

Rabbi Judy Shanks and James Gracer

Susan Shapiro

Cynthia Shim

Darcy and Ed Van Siclen

Matthew Sieger

Audrey Slaughter

Marlene and Sam Smith

Vanessa Smith

Nancy and Wayne Snyder

Holly Sonne

Niroop Srivatsa

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church

St. Ignatius of Antioch Catholic Church

St. Perpetua Catholic Church

St. Vincent de Paul

Karen and Robert Stankus

Adam Stein

Monica Stein

Liz Summer

Lorraine Sumulong

Ann Sussman

Lori and George Swift


Temple Isaiah

Mary Terjeson

Sarah Thayer

The Bay Church

Nancy and John Thursby

Joan and Fred Toney


Town Hall Theatre

Antoinette and Antonio Valla

Barbara Van Sickle

Patricia Vanoss

Carrie and Dean Veurink

Steve Viarengo

Nancy Luna Walker and Ed Dyke

Katrhyn Wallrath

Walnut Creek Area Neighbors and Newcomers Club

Wente Vineyards

Tammy Whitmore

Kathryn and Charles Wills

Judy Wilson

Julie Grisham and Ken Winters

Kathleen and Briggs Wood

Janiele Worswick

Ygnacio Valley Presbyterian Church

Shirley Yuen

Shadi Ziaei

Valerie Zito

Dan and Madeline Zywicki