Home for the Holidays

Help bring the safety and comfort of home this season.

$175 can give a newly housed family a new bed

$50 can provide a new mattress

$1,200 can give a family the support services for 6 months

$35 can give a child new fresh sheets for a good night's sleep

$150 supports a high school student with college prep

$80 supports 5 students after-school enrichment for 1 week

Because of your help, our clients have homes for the holidays...read their stories below.

“Hope Solutions really gave me the hope to find the solution to my problem. I feel like I am talking to my family. I couldn’t dare have imagined coming this far by myself.”

Mary* had lost her job and home due to domestic violence and endured nights spent sleeping with her one-year-old twins and teenage daughter in her small sedan. Mary eventually found temporary shelter in a local hotel with the support of our county partners, and from here, began her partnership with Hope Solutions.

Even in the face of homelessness, a myriad of systemic barriers, and a history of trauma, Mary has a remarkable ability to advocate for herself and her children. Our case workers supported her to tap into these strengths and begin her healing. She began working with a domestic violence counselor and building community in a support group. Hope Solutions helped her secure a housing voucher and worked with her every step of the way to find a safe, beautiful two-bedroom apartment that she and her children love.

Just before Christmas, Mary and her family truly arrived Home for the Holidays. In Mary’s words “[Hope Solutions] helped me get everything I needed to set up my new apartment and make it home.” Mary’s children took in the scene of their new home fully decorated for Christmas and had the joy of discovering that even the decorations in their new room were adorned with their favorite animated characters. At this moment, Mary recalls thinking that she had found “her place”.

Finally feeling safe, Mary was able to start thinking more about her future. She enrolled in community college, and with help from donors like you, she was able to use a scholarship to buy books including a $250 textbook that she plans on donating back to the school to help other students. She is on track to transfer to a state university and plans to go on to become a therapist for domestic abuse survivors like herself. Mary’s daughter is also thriving in college, majoring in biochemistry.  
*Our client asked that we not use her real name in sharing her story to protect her privacy and that of her children.