Housing for All

Bicycle outside house

Are you interested in learning about Contra Costa County’s progress towards ending the affordable housing crisis in our community?  Want to know how to get involved in 2018 to help end homelessness and ensure opportunity for all in Contra Costa County?  Hope Solutions (Hope Solutions) invites you to join us at the Ensuring Opportunity Campaign’s Contra Costa Housing Summit 2018 on March 26 from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm!  This year’s Housing Summit will focus on the progress made to end the affordable housing crisis in 2017, and what we can do together in 2018 to create inclusive, thriving communities throughout Contra Costa.  A resident from Hope Solutions’s Garden Park Apartments in Pleasant Hill will also be present to provide a firsthand account of the transformative impact that permanent affordable housing paired with supportive services provides poverty impacted individuals and families in our community. We hope you will join in on this important conversation as we come together with other leaders, agencies, and advocates from all sectors and regions to end homelessness and the devastating impacts of poverty in our community.