In Solidarity and Gratitude

girl and boy walking

In this season of Thanksgiving, Hope Solutions pauses to reflect on the core values that shape our character and vision: We strive to be inclusive, compassionate, and responsive to community needs.  Our work is accomplished with integrity, accountability, gratitude, and faith.

Long before we had a value statement, a group of multifaith volunteers came together to address the dire circumstance of homelessness in their community. Side by side, they created Hope Solutions. They worked together, respectful and appreciative of their diverse and rich religious and cultural traditions. And what a successful and fruitful journey it has been.

During this time of reflection and gratitude, we embrace our values and strive to make them the cornerstone of our work together. In that spirit, we affirm our unwavering commitment to provide permanent housing and essential services. We also pledge to uphold respect, profound admiration, and solidarity with our Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Sufi, and Unitarian Universalist partners who make us so proud. We stand by our commitment to partner with all those working to eradicate homelessness – no matter creed, gender, sexual orientation, or race. It is with deep gratitude during this time of thanksgiving that Hope Solutions commits to further our mission with compassion and hope. Thank you for all you give – and for all you are.