Neccessitas Ayuda, Do you need Help

Family group

Approximately 40% of Hope Solutions Staff are now bilingual allowing us to better serve the Spanish speaking in our community.  Raising healthy children and providing for your family while struggling with poverty and homelessness is complicated, even when you speak fluent English.  For many Contra Costa families, the difficulties of poverty are exacerbated by the language barrier.
Hope Solutions has made a concerted effort to expand our language capacity. We are pleased that so many of our staff are fluent in Spanish, including: Milly Castro, Tangia Elieff, Joe Golinveaux, Elba Goostree, Carolyn Green, Lorie Rivas, and Alma Ventura.  We have been answering telephone inquiries in Spanish, translating in family courts, creating written materials, and working hard to assist our youth from Spanish speaking households to excel in school.  Now we can ask, Necessitas Ayuda (do you need help)?