Hope Solutions offers hope in Contra Costa county.

Frank Mallicoat from KTVU2 reports

Housing & Homelessness in Contra Costa County – Responding in the Context of COVID

On February 5th, Hope Solutions Executive Director, Deanne Pearn spoke at the Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian Church’s (LOPC) monthly First Friday Forum.

Hope Solutions – The Heart of Housing of Services (2020)

Introducing the new name and brand of Hope Solutions formerly Contra Costa Interfaith Housing

Hope Solutions – Home is Just the Beginning (2017)

Hope Solutions (formerly Contra Costa Interfaith Housing) strives to heal the effects of poverty and provide permanent housing and vital support services to families and individuals.

Ruby Slippers 2021 – There’s No Place Like Home

In case you missed it, here is a rebroadcast of Hope Solutions’ 2021 Virtual Gala, Ruby Slippers: There’s No Place Like Home.
This live event originally aired on the evening of February 27th, 2021 and was Hope Solutions’ very first virtual gala. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank our community for supporting this event and Hope Solutions’ mission to end homelessness.

Ruby Slippers Gala 2021 – State of the Organization

Executive Director of Hope Solutions Deanne Pearn shares the many ways that Hope Solutions and its community have come together this past year.

Even during a global pandemic, Hope Solutions has continued their mission of providing permanent housing and vital services to homeless families and individuals.

Ruby Slippers Gala 2021 – Alex’s Story

We are proud to share the powerful story of Alex as part of our 2021 Ruby Slippers Virtual Gala. Now a successful father and partner, Alex and his family found their first home with Hope Solutions when he was a teenager many years ago. His story is one of hope and survival, and we are moved by his perseverance and courage.

Ruby Slippers 2021 – Children’s Choice Award Recipient Roderick Norris

Hope Solutions is proud to announce Mr. Roderick Norris as the recipient of our 2021 Children’s Choice Award! Roderick’s compassion and desire to help those around him truly inspire us and make him a wonderful nominee and recipient for this award.

To learn more about Roderick Norris and Hope Solutions’ work, check out our KTVU segment.

Ruby Slippers 2021 – Art & Poetry Community Project

Hope Solutions asked its residents and community supporters to create a piece of art, poetry, or a personal quote that explores the phrase “How do you know you are home?”

Ruby Slippers 2021 – Yellow Brick Road Trio

We hope you will enjoy a performance by the Yellow Brick Road Trio of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Pleasant Hill, California.
A talented group of musicians, including this group and others from St. Andrew’s have performed quarterly benefit concerts for the past 15 years in support of Hope Solutions. We cannot thank them enough for all they have done for us, and for sharing their beautiful music!

Ruby Slippers 2021 – The Pacific Choir

We hope you will enjoy a special performance given during our 2021 Ruby Slippers Virtual Gala by The Pacific Choir. This group of talented young singers are directed by Hyunjung Choi and have performed both in-person concerts at the Peace Lutheran Church (Danville) and virtual concerts to benefit Hope Solutions. We are so grateful for their ongoing support!

Ruby Slippers 2021 – Virtual Red Carpet

Even though Hope Solutions’ 2021 Ruby Slippers Gala could not be held in-person, our community and attendees were still as festive and enthusiastic as ever! We hope you will enjoy this slideshow of all the different (dressed up and dressed down) ways the Hope Solutions community celebrated!

Garden Park Apartments Resident Spotlight: Cat T

Garden Park Apartments (GPA) would not be the beautiful, vibrant place it is without our amazing residents, and Cathleen Tarango is proof of this! We thank you for taking a moment to listen to her story—one of resilience, strength, and inspiration.

Spotlight on Garden Park Apartments (GPA)!

Since December of 2004, Garden Park Apartments (GPA) has provided permanent supportive housing specifically for homeless families with special needs in Contra Costa County. We hope you enjoy this video slideshow of some of our favorite GPA moments throughout the years!

Garden Park Apartments Staff Spotlight: Shirley D.

Hope Solutions is so proud to have such a wonderful team of staff members at Garden Park Apartments (GPA). Our GPA Site Coordinator Shirley Dean has gone above and beyond at GPA for 14 years now, and we do not know what we would do without her hard work, positive attitude, and the love and warmth she radiates 24/7! Thank you, Mama Shirley!