Staff Spotlight: Barbara Henley

HOPE SOLUTIONS: What drew you to Hope Solutions?

portrait of Barbara Henley

BARBARA: I felt a connection to the values, vision, and mission statement of Hope Solutions. I felt we were a good fit in terms of my skills and dedication and the agency’s opportunities for growth.

HOPE SOLUTIONS: What positions have you held at Hope Solutions? 

BARBARA: I was hired as a Case Manager for the FISH program (Families in Supportive Housing) and promoted in 2018 to Family Case Management Supervisor, which is my current position.

HOPE SOLUTIONS: What do you like most about your position(s)?

BARBARA: I enjoy working with my team. I appreciate their creativity, their passion, and drive to help our residents reach their goals. I also enjoy the new growth this position allows, which is very rewarding.

HOPE SOLUTIONS: How has your role adapted to COVID-19 pandemic?

BARBARA: Although our face-to-face interactions have been limited, I feel we have continued to reach out and connect with our families via phone, email, or text, encouraging them to follow Covid-19 guidelines.

HOPE SOLUTIONS: What do you do for self-care?

BARBARA: I love to read, listen to music, pray and meditate, watch movies, and take walks.

HOPE SOLUTIONS: What brings you hope about your work and the mission of Hope Solutions?

BARBARA: When the residents share their satisfaction over the work we have accomplished together, that gives me hope that our agency is on the right path of creating positive change in the lives of the people we serve.

Hope Solutions’ staff spotlight features our team members and the amazing work they do to contribute toward and fulfill our mission to heal the effects of poverty and homelessness by providing permanent housing solutions and vital support services.