Staff Spotlight: Camille Rodriguez

Hope Solutions’ staff spotlight features our team members and the amazing work they do daily to contribute toward and fulfill our mission to heal the effects of poverty and homelessness by providing permanent housing solutions and vital support services.
HOPE SOLUTIONS: What drew you to Hope Solutions?

CAMILLE: The trust that the community has in this organization as well as reading through the strategic plan is what drew me to Hope Solutions. The strategic plan was thorough and well thought out.  What I loved most is that in my interview process, when I questioned the staff about the strategic plan and agency goals, all the staff persons I interviewed with were aware of the strategic plan for the agency and invested in it.  They participated in putting that strategic plan together and knew the path the agency wanted to pursue.  Most importantly, one of the objectives listed was to help shape conversations and influence legislation and policy to help end homelessness in the community.   At the time I wanted to be a part of an organization that not only helped with housing the homeless, but also with advocating for necessary systemic changes to ensure that homelessness is eradicated in the community. I found that in Hope Solutions. 

HOPE SOLUTIONS: What positions have you held at Hope Solutions? 
CAMILLE:  Rapid Rehousing Program Manager
HOPE SOLUTIONS: What do you like most about your position?
CAMILLE:  I love that my job takes me all over the county and partners me with other organizations.  Partnering with other organizations helps us build a sense of community not only for us as frontline workers, but also for our clients who are utilizing these resources.  I love to see my team and their clients thrive.  Watching clients succeed is always the best part of the job.  The icing on the cake is watching my teams’ growth professionally and in size since my arrival in July 2019.  It has been humbling and an honor.  That growth is a testament to the love and support we have here at Hope Solutions for the job and our community.
HOPE SOLUTIONS: How has your role adapted to COVID-19 pandemic?  What do you do for self-care?
CAMILLE: At the start of the pandemic, I did not have any idea what working remotely would look like. My role has remained mostly the same in managing my team. The difficulty was bringing everything we do such as housing stability plans, client intakes, client budgets etc. online. The next step was helping the team as well as myself continue to have meaningful connections with clients via Zoom, FaceTime, etc. We have attended trainings and more about telehealth and telecommunication to ensure we are using best practices. Now that restrictions are lifting, we are going to change gears and go back to meeting in person most of the time. For Self-Care, I am an avid video gamer. So, I play a bunch of video games and hang out with my dog and husband.
HOPE SOLUTIONS: What brings you hope about your work and the mission of Hope Solutions?
Seeing all the attention placed on housing and homelessness brings me hope that one day we can eradicate homelessness. All the large and small successes that my team and our agency has also brings me hope.