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For over 20 years, Hope Solutions has worked tirelessly to heal the effects of poverty and homelessness by providing permanent housing solutions and vital services to our most vulnerable neighbors. We have helped people find hope and resilience in their darkest times. And now, we are being asked to do even more to support folks hit hardest by the current health crisis.

The families and individuals we serve are already feeling the effects of our state and local response to the pandemic. As employers respond with lay-offs, major grocers scurry to keep up with demand, and schools serving hot meals have closed, the health crisis has quickly become an economic and childcare crisis for our clients.  

When you make a gift to Hope Solutions’ Emergency Fund, you will enable our front-line staff to provide families, medically-fragile residents, and seniors the resources they most need right now.

In the first week of the crisis, our team has:

•    Purchased and delivered groceries to fragile residents all over the county who must shelter in place
•    Secured hotel rooms for symptomatic homeless clients who needed a safe place to quarantine
•    Developed robust on-line work plans for children sheltering with families in modest apartments
•    Spent hundreds of hours counseling and supporting residents who are feeling isolated or overwhelmed, helping them create safety plans for themselves during this crisis

It is in facing life’s great challenges that we find our true character. I take great comfort in knowing that just as we have our clients’ backs, you have ours. Your donation to the Hope Solutions Emergency Fund will enable us to navigate these uncharted waters and find new ways to care for one another.