Emily Bero

Housing Development Manager

Emily is inspired daily to see where people are when they start and how far they can go. She worked with a single mother who had multiple barriers to finding housing. After working hard to address all the barriers, she was able to find long-term, stable housing. Success like this motivates Emily to help others grow and get closer to their goals.

After living in Canada, South Africa, and Australia, Emily is back where she was raised with her significant other and their dog. She enjoys paddle boarding, bike riding, walking, making art, and anything food related.

What do you love about working at Hope Solutions?

I love having the support of a great organization and knowing that I can voice my opinions and always feel respected. Hope Solutions has such a strong group of leaders and employees, that it makes it a great environment to grow. I have also never felt like my own personal health has mattered as much as it does at Hope Solutions, which is a huge factor in feeling happy at work.