Jocelyn Vera

Policy Associate & Community Organizer

(pronouns: She/Her/Hers/Ella) is a 1.5 generation immigrant, born in Mexico and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Jocelyn holds a double BA in Spanish and Sociology, with a minor in Latin American and Hemispheric Studies from UC Davis. Her passion in human rights and social justice advocacy encouraged her to pursue her Master’s degree in International Studies with a concentration in Governance and Global Justice from the University of San Francisco.

Jocelyn loves learning, writing poetry, and traveling to Latin America. More than anything Jocelyn loves advocating for equitable and inclusive change, as well as learning about new cultures and traditions.

Her previous work experience with the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano as a CalFresh Outreach Coordinator has allowed her to advocate for inclusive and equitable access to government and local food programs. Her work and community engagement in defending housing rights and voting rights have also inspired her to continue working on addressing immediate needs and gaps to guide strategic planning and decision-making. Jocelyn is devoted to representing immigrants, low-income, and people of color to acquire equitable access to public resources and benefits, as well as acquiring legal representation and political recognition.

What do you love about working at Hope Solutions?

I love ensuring that persons with lived experience are embedded in every step of the community organizing and policy development process. I am a strong believer that testimonies allow our community leaders to define their community, change dominant narratives, express their struggles, denounce injustices, claim and reject an identity, and make themselves visible by recognizing their existence. I simply love the infinite opportunities to learn from the community and build stronger communities without fear to speak the truth to power.