Nyokie Joseph

Housing Advocate

Nyokie is originally from New Orleans, and currently resides in Pittsburg. On her days off she focuses on self-care and activities with family. Her long-term goals include the continuance of her education, obtaining her Bachelor of Arts, purchasing a family home, and guiding her kids on their journey through life.

Her career started at a substance abuse outpatient center. One day she worked with a person who had been homeless and dealing with substance abuse for years had been mandated to complete 6 months of treatment. While conducting the intake, Nyokie said some things to him that were difficult for him to hear, and he walked out the office. Months later, he returned, transformed, and thanked her for giving him the courage needed to change the path he was on. He said, “you don’t know the power of your words, use them to help people like me.” At that point, Nyokie decided to become a Counselor and remain in social services.

What do you love about working at Hope Solutions?

I love being a part of the Hope Solutions Team, not just for the services provided to the public but also the environment built for staff. Management gives staff the needed tools to complete the assignment for our clients, which to me stands out more than any other agency I have been a part of.