Sara Marsh

Sara Marsh, LCSW, Ed.D

Consulting Clinical Supervisor

Sara has been the Director of Support Services at Hope Solutions since 2007. She earned a BA and 5th year teaching credential from San Francisco State University, a Master’s Degree in Social work from Smith College in Massachusetts, and a Doctorate in Education/Child and Family Studies from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She has worked in the child and family welfare field for over three decades. Sara trained as a post-masters fellow at the Menninger Clinic, and has done original research in the area of gender and oppositional defiance disorder treatment, eating disorders and the motivations of helping professionals. As a program director, supervisor and clinician, Sara has worked in community clinics, inpatient settings, school-based mental health programs and private practice. At Hope Solutions, she continues to appreciate and develop the housing-based model of services as a particularly good approach for holistic, family-centered support.