Sylvia Smith

Sylvia Smith

GPA Clinical Services Manager

Born in Hayward, she resides in Cordelia with her husband and two dogs. When not working for Hope Solutions she enjoys roller skating and helping youth reach their potential. She dreams of business ownership in the mental health and culinary industries.

Sylvia was raised in the non-profit sector, assisting youth and those in-need. At a young age, she learned the very important lesson that people are not “Bad”, but most likely suffering, lacking resources, or simply in need of direction. This knowledge led her to both direct and indirect services so that she could understand the challenges people face and do her absolute best to contribute to the solution.

What do you love about working at Hope Solutions?

I love that the employees of Hope Solutions are truly invested in the work they do. Everyone works as a collaborative team to assist those in need and bring hope into seemingly hopeless situations.