Each year, an estimated 15,000 people experience homelessness in Contra Costa County. On any given night, more than 5,000 people are without homes, nearly half of whom are children.

The Need

Some are people suffering from mental illness and other chronic disabilities who have become an ongoing presence in our city centers, parks, and open spaces. Others are not so visible, but are still in dire need of assistance: disadvantaged youth discharged from the foster care system with nowhere to go, single mothers, those fleeing domestic violence, and low income single adults and families without savings to help them weather an unexpected job loss, illness, or eviction. In addition, an estimated 17,000 households in Contra Costa County have extremely low incomes and are at-risk of homelessness, paying a disproportionate amount of their income for rent.

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People living with HIV/AIDS who have very low incomes often find themselves in need of a stable, affordable housing…

Our service philosophy is to strive to provide the tools and support to those we serve in order to assist them to be as self-reliant and healthy as possible.

The Need

The Response

Working with our public and nonprofit partners, faith-based community members, volunteers, and donors, Hope Solutions is firmly committed to ending homelessness in our community.

By forming strategic partnerships with affordable housing developers and public/county entities, Hope Solutions provides permanent, affordable housing and valuable support services for families in need. These support services are vital in assisting families with a myriad of challenges that range from mental health intervention to academic and employment assistance. Furthermore, our program models also provide sobriety support, conflict resolution, and parenting skills.

Additionally, our resident leases allow for permanent housing, as long as the provisions of the lease are upheld. Permanent housing and on-site support services create self-reliant, dignified, and sustainable lives for our residents.

Our Service Philosophy is to strive to provide the tools and support to those we serve in order to assist them to be as self-reliant and healthy as possible. When approached by clients for assistance, we ask ourselves, “Can they do it themselves? What would they need to be able to do it themselves?” We support communities to create their own solutions. We strive to empower them be as independent as possible.

Contra Costa County rental housing costs are among the highest in the nation, and there is a severe shortage of permanent, affordable housing. Across our nation, the lack of affordable housing, healthcare, safety net services, and difficult economic and employment trends are causing people to lose their housing. Families with children are our fastest growing homeless population; even a steady family income is not always sufficient to secure permanent housing. Chronic disabilities such as long-term mental illness and substance abuse can also lead to homelessness.

In 2004 the County published a “Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness in Contra Costa County”. The plan identified implementing permanent affordable housing as the goal and priority in providing assistance to our homeless population. The Ten-Year plan also recognized that access to comprehensive and integrated support services is essential to achieving long-term housing stability.


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