2020 Ballot: Creating a Healthy and Housed CA

Ballot graphic

Voting is happening now and its time to take a position! As Hope Solutions works within the housing system of care, we understand that it can be difficult to decide and understand how to support the work we do at the polls. Our Resident Empowerment Program (REP) has worked diligently to compile a list of 5 props that we believe will aid in the creation of a healthy and housed California. Hope Solutions is proud to support Props 15, 16, 17, 21 and Measure X.  We encourage you to vote yes on these measure in your 2020 Ballot. Below is more information about each prop and measure and why we support them.

Prop 15 – If passed, Prop 15 will create an estimated $385 million in Contra Costa County to increase revenue for schools and local governments. Prop 15 will change the way commercial properties are taxed, basing them on the property’s current worth rather than the purchasing price, as they are now. The tax increase would only affect commercial properties worth more than $3 million and does not affect small businesses, residential properties, or agricultural land.

Why vote yes? Prop 15 would bring vital funds to our schools and communities. In 1978, Prop 13 created massive budget shortfalls for our Community Colleges, K-12 public schools, and local governments. California’s public schools deserve to thrive. Prop 15 would create flourishing public education and vibrant Community Colleges while addressing our community’s most pressing needs, such as health, housing, and distance learning access.

Learn more about Prop 15: www.yes15.org/

Prop 16 – Prop 16 permits governments and educational institutions to make policies that considers race, sex, and national origin in decision making to promote equity-based change in our communities. In 1968, Prop 209 banned Affirmative Action. If past Prop 16 would repeal 209 and restore the public’s ability to consider race and gender in public education and employment decisions and contracting.

Why vote yes? Hope Solutions’ work asks us to confront racial, economic, and gender disparities in our communities.  We are at a consequential moment and need to strengthen California by overturning discrimination in all areas. A vote yes on prop 16 is a vote for racial and economic justice in California.

Learn more about Prop 16:  https://voteyesonprop16.org/

Prop 17 –There are 50,000 people on parole in California who have completed their prison terms and pay taxes at local, state, and federal levels yet are prohibited from voting at any government level. If passed, Prop 17 would introduce the right to register and vote in elections to those who have served their prison term and are currently on parole. Hope Solutions works with many paroled residents in our housing program who deserve to be counted on the ballot.

Why vote yes? Voting is an integral part of civic engagement. A recent parole commission report found that citizens who completed their prison terms and have their voting rights restored are less likely to commit future crimes1. The upfront cost of registering paroled voters is much less than California citizens’ long-term prison taxes.

1. voterguide.sos.ca.gov/propositions/17

Learn more about Prop 17: https://yeson17.vote/

Prop 21 – Hope Solutions works on the front lines of the housing crisis every day. We know Californians are in desperate need of affordable housing. Prop 21 is known as the Rental Affordability Act. If passed, the proposition would allow cities and counties to enact rent control rules for housing that is more than 15 years old and cap rent increases at 15% over three years. It would also allow rent control on single-family rentals for landlords who own more than two units.

Why vote yes? Californians are being left behind as rising rents and stagnant wages create a housing crisis in our state.  The Rental Affordability Act will help families, senior citizens, veterans, and all hard-working Californians stay in their homes. Prop 21 guarantees that landlords can still make a profit while creating more affordable housing in our communities.

Learn more about Prop 21:  https://yeson21ca.org/

Measure X – If Passed, Measure X would raise an estimated $81 million in Contra Costa a year through a half-cent increase in sales tax. Measure X will provide funding to address unmet needs including in public health and social services.  An oversight committee will create a needs assessment and recommend priorities. Housing and homelessness have been identified as a high priority in the initial evaluation and polling.

Why vote yes? Hope Solutions understands that new revenue is essential to address Contra Costa residents’ and families’ needs and create a healthy and safe Contra Costa. Measure X funds the services we need creating millions of dollars in new general revenue to safeguard community health and safety and enhance essential county programs for all residents.

Learn more about Measure X: https://www.healthyandsafecontracosta.com/