Local Teen Inspires Community

Four kids

At first glance, Anthony Medvedev seems like a regular high school student. In his junior year at College Park High School, he is active in extracurricular activities and well-liked by his peers. But there’s more to Anthony than meets the eye. He became a Homework Club volunteer at Garden Park Apartments (GPA) this year because he enjoys the reciprocity that tutoring creates. He teaches Homework Club students, but learns from them as well.

“Anthony engages the students and meets them at their level,” says Suzie Billingsley, the Youth Enrichment Coordinator at GPA.  Anthony’s enthusiasm for tutoring these young students is contagious, so much so that he inspired fellow students at his California Scholarship Federation Club to volunteer at our east county holiday parties this past December.

Anthony goes above and beyond, looking for events or activities to enrich the GPA community. “He is everything that I believe is good about young people today,” Suzie continued. Thank you Anthony for inspiring those around you.