Staff Spotlight: Tanya Ford-Goins, Director of Housing Navigation

Each month, Hope Solutions features a team member and the amazing work they do to fulfill our missionto heal the effects of poverty and homelessness by providing permanent housing solutions and vital support services. 

HOPE SOLUTIONS: What drew you to Hope Solutions?
TANYA: I wanted to be able to serve and work in the community/county I lived in. I liked the organization’s values, vision, and mission. Also, a great opportunity for growth.

HOPE SOLUTIONS: What positions have you held at Hope Solutions? 
TANYA: I started as a Case Manager for site-based housing in 2016. From there I was promoted in 2017 to Housing Navigation Manager where I helped launch Housing Navigation Services in Contra Costa County. As Housing Navigation Services expanded with adding new programs, I was promoted to Housing Program Manager in 2018 was just  promoted to Director of Housing Navigation Services where I oversee Housing Navigation Programs with a range of partners, such as STAND and the Family Justice Center, the Employment and Human Services (EHSD) department, and our newest partnership with the Probation Department. 

HOPE SOLUTIONS: What do you like most about your position?
TANYA:  I like being able to develop and grow new programs that help the most vulnerable individuals find housing. I like working with my team of experienced and passionate individuals who are dedicated to helping our unhoused neighbors find affordable housing. I enjoy working with community partners who are just as dedicated and compassionate about helping others as I am.

HOPE SOLUTIONS: How has your role adapted to COVID-19 pandemic?  What do you do for self-care?
TANYA:  My role as Director of Housing Navigation services during this pandemic has been supportive and flexible when and where it’s needed. I have been maintaining self-care through prayer and meditation. A quick local safe trip somewhere close to water. Also, through diet, walking outside in fresh air and music.

HOPE SOLUTIONS: What brings you hope about your work and the mission of Hope Solutions?
TANYA:  I am hopeful when I see the impact of the work that we are doing at our agency. I am also excited about the continued opportunities for growth and the direction our agency is headed.