Ambika’s Journey Home

Ambika with dog

Ambika and her dog Timber spent the last three years on the streets in Concord, sleeping on sidewalks, park benches, and inside vacant buildings to keep safe and warm at night. When reflecting on that time, Ambika shared with us that “living on the street is brutal and really makes a person selfish, because you have to protect yourself and your property all the time, especially in the shelter.”

Her luck turned when she met Carl Mason with Hope Solutions’ Housing & Disability Advocacy Program (HDAP). Through a partnership with the county’s Employment and Human Services Department, the Hope Solutions HDAP program provides a Housing Specialist to create permanent housing solutions for homeless individuals and families who are disabled. Ambika was persistent in her pursuit of housing. With the support of her HDAP team, she stayed focused and worked daily using the resources at the library and anywhere else she could.  “I had been feeling like I would never find housing after so many denied opportunities. So when I finally found a home, it was such a great joy.” On Mother’s Day Ambika was able to see her four grandchildren.  She celebrated in the comfort of a place she can call home with good food and family for the best Mother’s Day she’s had in a very long time. Looking forward, Ambika wants to give back. “I’m working on me. I’m trying to be a better person so that I can make an impact on helping others that are homeless.”