Donation Opportunities During COVID-19


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Throughout the month we will continue to move our county’s vulnerable homeless into permanent, affordable housing.  These individuals have very little to no furnishings of their own.  We are asking for your help.  Click here to view a list of furnishings needed.
We are also asking for you to donate food and/or financial resources to local food pantries and/or food banks.  Movement restrictions coupled with heightened food insecurity is a harsh reality for the residents we serve.  For a complete list of local food banks and food pantries to donate to, click here.
In the event that one or more members of a household becomes ill, we are providing care package so the individual may continue their shelter in place and start treatment immediately. For a complete list of items needed for the care packages, please click here.  
California children will not be returning to school until next school year. We are encouraging parents to use a variety of at-home learning modalities when working with their children. We are asking for a selection of age appropriate toys, board games, and arts and crafts items.  If you are interested in providing fun activities for the children we serve, please email or call 925-788-3676.

[UPDATE]: Recognizing the current shelter-in-place order, donated items can be purchased online while also supporting local businesses such as Lakeshore Learning Store or Learning Express Toys. For a list of requested donation items, an Amazon Wishlist was created to use as a reference. This list is updated periodically.
Are you a sewer?  If so, we are asking for your help.  We are looking for volunteers to sew face masks for our residents. If you’re interested in making face masks for our program but movement restrictions are holding you back, we can arrange to drop off materials and pick up completed masks at your residence.  If you are interested in sewing face masks for our residents, we encourage you to use these patterns: and contact or call 925-788-3676 to make arrangements for materials.
As a nonprofit serving our county, we look to our amazing volunteers and donors as key partners in addressing the impact COVID-19 is having on our homeless and at-risk individuals and families we serve. We have tremendous gratitude for the effort and impact you continue to make.  If you would like to donate furnishing, food, care packages, activities for children/teens, or home sewn masks, please contact Sandibel Arnold with any questions you may have at or at 925-788-3676.