Camp Hope 2021

Montage of kids at camp

This summer’s ‘Camp Hope’ offered youth at Los Medanos Village, Lakeside, and Garden Park Apartments a variety of activities for both in-person and online fun and learning.  Activities and themes included college and career discovery, drama, singing, empowerment, art, math, and for the first time, engineering. 

A highlight was Exploring Engineering Camp, where children were introduced to Design Challenge Learning – a dynamic way for learners to become creative problem-solvers. Participants were able to use their imagination and creativity to solve a series of five real world challenges. One of the activities gave the children an opportunity to construct a device that would protect a ball from lighting up when it hit the floor. Using paper bags, bubble wrap, paper clips, and a lot of creativity, they were able to protect the ball from lighting up. While participating in this camp, the children had a chance to build their problem-solving capacity and boost their self-confidence.

In addition to exploring engineering at Camp Hope, reading skills were improved in Drama Camp and Reading Club; math scavenger hunts were solved during Math Camp; self-empowerment was practiced during Empowerment Camp, embroidering skills were taught during Art Camp, and musical talents were enhanced during Music Camp.

A special thanks to our Youth Enrichment Coordinators Jessica Ahlering, Erica Berry, and Rosemary Hatcher and volunteers for their time and commitment to making summer camps memorable: