Jasmine’s Story

Once you choose hope, anything is possible. – Christopher Reeve

Growing up, Jasmine lived in countless locations across California, with different family members and friends. For a while, she was able to live with her grandparents in Los Angeles, where she helped care for her disabled grandfather. When her grandfather passed away, Jasmine began butting heads with her grandmother and ultimately had to move out. For some, living on the streets would build anger or resentment, but Jasmine has no ill feelings towards her grandmother. Remarkably, Jasmine says she is grateful– that she learned a lot about herself and grew in her self-reliance.

In search of safety and work, Jasmine moved to the Bay Area. She connected with Larkin Street Youth Shelter and landed a job in security. Unfortunately, like so many, she lost her job when the pandemic shuttered local stores. About this same time, Jasmine learned that she was expecting. This happy news compelled her to keep moving forward. She took on multiple jobs, including a job that required her to routinely walk 17 flights of stairs – while pregnant!

As Jasmine aged out of Larkin Street, her case manager referred her to Hope Solutions. As a result, she relocated from the shelter to a permanently affordable apartment in Pittsburg. Having a permanent roof over her head and a supportive community of other families around her was life-changing. Her son, Navelle, enjoys playing in the community playground where he insists on going down the slides by himself- at just 10 months old!

While Jasmine is proud of how much she has been able to achieve, she says she could not have done it without the help of her Hope Solutions’ Case Manager, Shawny. Jasmine worked with Shawny every day during her relocation process and still continues to check in regularly. Shawny lends support in big and small ways, from providing education and employment leads to offering rides to the grocery store.

Now that she is settled, and motivated by her time caring for her late grandfather, Jasmine is working on her GED so she can then train to be a Certified Nursing Assistant. Caring for a young child while studying full-time is challenging, but Jasmine says the only inspiration she needs is Navelle. He is what keeps her going.

With continuous support from Hope Solutions, Jasmine can focus on building a solid future for herself and her son. Her strength and tenacity are a model for us all.